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Dance laboratory with Martina a Jirka Hajdyla

Martina Hajdyla Lacová a Jiří Hajdyla together with eight dancers want to show you what is possible to do in short ten days. Come to see the result of their dance laboratory on 10/8 from to Studio ALTA. We start at 17:00.

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ME-SA and Renan Martins Back together

ME-SA together with choreographer Renan Martins and light designer Katarina Ďuricova is introducing a new performance in Ponec theatre 18 and 19/4. REPLAY is about the potentionality of expectation. The chasm between action and reaction, the generator of disappointment and satisfaction.

In co-production with Lofft theatre in Leipzig, german premiere takes place 27/4 as a part of Dance Transit Festival programme.

ME-SA celebrates!

For her excellent and uncompromising performance in L – One Of The Seven Martina Hajdyla Lacová was nominated for prestigious czech award Thálie 2017 in ballet category. Celebrate with us!

More here (CZ).

Summer with ME-SA

Thank you for the great tour with Let Me Die In My Footsteps in Czech towns!
In Summer we are looking forward to you with L / One Of The Seven at KioSK festival in Žilina!

Awards of Czech Dance Platform!

We are happy! KAROLÍNA HEJNOVÁ is MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2016 and Title DANCER OF THE YEAR won Jaro Ondruš for performances Guide and Absent!

SPRING FORWARD in full swing and we are too!

ME-SA as emerging choreographers selected by a platform Aerowaves / dance across Europe just now in Pilsen!
You can watch a LIVE STREAM of Let Me Die In My Footsteps and SuperNaturals on a website http://aerowaves.org/springforward#stream. BE WITH US!

first repeats of L / One Of The Seven on April 5th and May 5th

DON´T MISS a first repeats of the new project L / One of the Seven – solo of Martina Hajdyla Lacová by choreographer Andrej Petrovič.
A queen, who sinks into the depths of her own inability to rest, calm down, stop and resist her wishes and desires at the same time. The self-destruction becomes her choice.


The new project will be launched this Tuesday and Wednesday!
L / One of the Seven is the first of seven solos, in which choreographer Andrej Petrovič is going to render the topic of the seven deadly sins.

AEROWAVES for the third time!

ME-SA being part of Aerowaves for the third time. We are happy!
Spring Forward coming soon! This year with piece Let Me Die In My Footsteps and SuperNaturals!

3rd March at 6 PM in Studio ALTA / WORK IN PROGRESS

Come to look into the creative process of creation our new performance L / One of the Seven!


We are working on the new project – SOLO of Martina Hajdyla Lacová “L / One of the Seven” by choreographer Andrej Petrovič.
You can looking forward to the first night during March in the PONEC theatre.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to many nice dance experiences together in New Year. Your ME-SA!

ME-SA s VerTeDance on tour!

Let Me Die In My Footsteps with Correction are going on tour!
You can look forward to having double portion of dance in Bonn and Köln on 10th and 11th December.

Much More Than Nothing LAST EVENINGS

Spontaneous and crazy Much More Than nothing / 2 last shows – 5th Nov Malovice, Švestkový dvůr and PRAGUE´S LAST NIGHT in Studio ALTA 19th Nov! It will be MUCH MORE EVENING! Don´t miss!

Super heroes are going to Czech regions!

Martina Hajdyla Lacová (Dancer of the year 2015) and Lukáš Homola are going to measure their heroic power – Oct 9th in Jihlava and Oct 15th in Opava.
Let´s go to grip physical moments of fictional superhuman strength!

Premiere coming in one week!

Let Me Die In My Footsteps by Renan Martins de Oliveira four 4 dancers and one musician in a week in Studio ALTA!
Sep 24 + 25, 19:30
Trailer here: https://vimeo.com/129783988