Ambivalence. Antagonism. Dilemma. Mass and spirit, jump and fall, light and dark – everything on one spot, in one person, in one room, from which nobly has the key.

If we speak about something that is happening somewhere deep beneath our skin, in our soul, in the right center of us, in the middle of an ongoing private storm, can we take a piece of glass instead of a scalpel and penetrate with a gentle draw deeper?

Concept: Debris Company – SK

Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková

Dramaturgy and music: Jozef Vlk

Performing: Hana Kalousková, Martina Lacová, Karolína Párová

Light design: Vladimír Burian & Debris Company

Projection: György László

Duration: 35 minutes


Supported by: Prague City Hall, Ministery of Culture ČR, ALT@RT, HAMU, Háje nad Jizerou