Contemporary dance performance created by a Korean choreographer and performed by Czech dancers, combining the spirit of Asian Buddhism and modernity of European dance. This evocative new production explores the question of a finite human spirit.

The Performance „Object and Particle“, created by Korean choreographer Ji-Eun Lee, who is working in Europe at the moment, is a physical dance performance in which the lyricism of the East Asian Buddhism combines with dynamic western dance movement. It is a daring and innovative attempt to create a new and modern oriental dance. The performance has been presented on festivals and dance platforms in Czech Republic and abroad.

“Object” refers to human beings, who long for eternality, but they can’t be the complete agents of their lives. “Particle” refers to sari, the small stone marbles that remains after burning the dead bodies of Buddhist monks who reach nirvana, and symbolizes the incomplete but strong will of humans to full fill their ideals.

Choreography: Ji-Eun Lee

Performing: Šárka Bočková, Hana Kalousková, Martina Lacová, Karolína Párová

Music: Koláž

Lighting design: Ji-Eun Lee, Jiří Hajdyla

Duration: 40 minutes